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Highest rated Volvo C70  windscreen by

Performance: 6.3 / 7.0

Value: 6.4 / 7.0

Service: 6.1 / 7.0

Customer Testimonials::


Fits the car like it was OEM and comes on and off in seconds. It was the best deal I could find at the time and the warranty ensures that I’m covered if anything goes wrong. A+ from me. Thanks WB!

Looks good on the car and really adds to the aesthetic value, especially if you get a tint and etching with the windscreen. The lexan is very durable, too and it hasn’t yellowed even in my sunny California area, which is a lot more than I can say for other windscreens I have used in the pas with my C70. I’ll buy from them again if I get a chance.

What a deal! I’m not too sure about the straps, but it fits the car great and they don’t look half bad. I would advise getting the clear ones, but either way the windscreen really cuts down on the wind and keeps the noise to a minimum. I’ll be taking a road trip to Florida here in a few weeks and I know that this will have been the best purchase to bring along!


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$109 The Authoritative Windscreen / Windblocker / Wind Deflector / Windstop for Your Volvo C70
Regular Size -
Be sure to check out the large size too.


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This is the finest windscreen / windblocker / wind deflector / windstop you can get for your Volvo C70.  Enjoy the best of top-down driving again with a Windblox Convertible Windscreen.




Roll over your mouse on each image to enlarge.  The Windscreens shown have optional clear straps that can be added for only $10.




 15 Unique Windblox Provides Superior Value

Minus Sign Compress Advantages
#1 - Lifetime Warranty #2 - No Noise #3 - No Tool Installation


Windblox stands behind its product with a lifetime warranty.  Your windscreen will outlast your car.
No Noise

Get relief from annoying squeaks and rattles.  Windblox wind deflectors remain securely held, ever at high speeds.

Windblox wind deflectors install without tools.  We use a staffer's 12 year old niece to install our windblockers.

#4 - No Abrasion #5 - No Yellowing #6 -  No Wobble
Windscreen does not rub against your car

Roll Hoop Abrassion

Here is a photo from a customer's car, which used a windscreen from another vendor.  From the loose fit, the wind deflector continuously rubbed against the car, scratching the roll hoops.
Yellowed Acrylic 

Here is another photo from a customer who lived in Texas.  After four years, the windblocker yellowed from continuous sun exposure.  Windblox windscreens are warranted not to yellow from the sun.

Windblox wind deflectors do not wobble about, no matter how fast you drive.

#7 - Maximum Speed #8 -  Green Manufacturing #9 - Laser Manufacturing

You can drive up to 150 MPH (250KM/hr) with a Windblox wind deflector.
Green Process
Since Windblox cares about the environment, all of its cast off materials are recycled: acrylics, lexan, and office paper.  Windblox even uses cost-saving LED lighting in its shop.
Laser Fabrication 

Windblox uses an insanely powerful 5,000 watt laser, whereas other shops employ a 100 watt laser.  The result is unique clarity.

#11 - Remains Like New

Can you tell which one of these windscreen is brand new, and the other has been continuously used for the last eight years? A Windblox customer has been using his BMW Z3 windscreen about 140 top-down days a year, and mounted on the car for 10 months.  He then stores the windscreen during the raining months of December and January.  Can you tell which windscreen is new, and which one has 3000 days of usage?

#12 - Stronger Material
In these photos, three patio bricks are placed across a 3-foot span
#1) This is a piece of regular quarter-inch acrylic used by many vendors.  Under the weight of the bricks, the material completely flexes. #2)  Here is a piece of 3/8 inch polycarbonate acrylic, also used by other vendors.  In spite of being thicker, the material deflects 1.5 inches. #3) Windblox's material deflects less than an inch under the same three patio bricks.

#13 - Clear Edging
#1) This windscreen came from another vendor, cut on a home router.  The edge is thorougly marked with nicks. #2) Here's a windscreen from another vendor, made with double sided AR Polycarbonate acrylic and a machined router.  The edge is smooth, but the cutting marks can still be felt when running your finger along the edge. #3) Since Windblox's windscreens are processed on a powerful laser, the edges are crystal clear.

#14 - Superior Fracture Resistance #15 - 15 Year Scratch Resistance
Fractured Plexi Regular Plexi
A customer traded in this windscreen from another vendor, when a stress crack spidered out over time. This is a photo from an eight year old windscreen, where the cutting points remain clear and free of stress cracks.  
15 Years

Windblox wind deflectors are made of best-available material carrying a 15 year scratch resistance rating, avoiding buffs and abbrasions.

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Minus Sign Compress Overview
Benefits:   Features:
- No more cockpit turbulence.  This means you're not fatigued when you drive with the top-down, which after all, is the fun of owning a convertible. - Leave the windblocker in place while you raise-and-lower the top.  Wind deflector can be used in nearly any climate, from -30 degrees to 125 (-35 to 52 degrees Celsius).
- Converse on your cell phone without strain. - Extra big surface area blocks the most backwash for best performance.
- No more messy hair!  Hair doesn't whip around; especially critical for long hair. - This windscreen is made with an industry leading buff and scratch resistance, with a gloss finish.  This material is used in marine and garden applications, of abuse-prone environments.  This means your windscreen looks perfectly clear years afterwards.
- Windscreen weighs only a few pounds. - Wind deflector is made of cast material, which means more stiffness, greater performance, and a longer life.  (Cheaper windscreens flex from the backwash).
- Extra long wind deflector life, will look like new after years of usage. - Sturdy fasteners.  If you've got the nerve, it's not an exaggeration that you could put the gas pedal to the floor in your car, and this windscreen will remain in place.
- Make more of the top-down driving season.  Cruise with the top down on clear winter days and full moon summer nights. - Material prevents glare during the night time.
- This windscreen is considered mandatory by wives. - Windblocker is off-and-on in a matter of seconds, fast and simple.
- Does not impeded the rear view. - This wind deflector is made with the environment in mind, using a material that reduces petroleum consumption.
- Talk and listen to passengers at normal volume. - Windstop is meticulous, of balanced, symmetrical, and even.
- Makes the cabin quiet; you're no longer beat up by the wind. - Does not hinder rear vision.
- You know that expensive stereo you purchased?  Well, now, you can actually hear it with the top-down. - Does not mar or permanently alter your car. Installs without drilling, glues, or cheap adhesives.
- Take long road trips comfortably with the top-down. - Super scratch resistance.  Windscreen is made of industry leading  double sided AR Polycarbonate, with the highest available 15 year scratch resistance.  Windscreen remains clear.
- Put the top-down when the stars come out and close out the cold back drafts. - Wind deflector material resists smudges.  You can handle this windscreen without worrying about finger prints.
- Windscreen cleans easily with mild soap, and water. - Super easy installation without tools.



Seat Configuration



Volvo Car Seat   Volvo Car Seat
Windscreen works on type of seat.  Seats with adjustable headrests that move up-and-down on posts can be mounted with this windscreen.   If your Volvo has a fixed headrest that stay in place, this windscreen is best suited for it.


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What Ails You?



Mechanically Challenged
Technically Inept  

- No tools needed.

- A staffer's twelve year old niece installs these windscreens in minutes.

- You can put the top up without removing the windscreen.

Technician Reviewing Performance

-  Large windblocker body for maximum protection.

- Strong material, no flexing.

- Designed to reduce maximum cockpit backwash.

Wants Only the Best
Sports Car Enthusiast  

- Speed up 150 MPH.

- Wind deflector securely mounted, remains in place.

- No wobble; does not wear against the car.

Spouse will not go drive with Top Down
Couple Driving Top Down   - Hair stays in place.

- No top-down fatigue.

- Talk to each other at normal conversational volumes.


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Additional Information

Minus Sign Compress Additional Information
FAQ:   FAQ: 
Three Monthly Payment

1) Do I have to remove the windscreen to put the top up?  No, you don't - you can leave the windscreen mounted while raising and lowering the top..


2) How does the Regular size and the Large size wind deflector differ?  The coverage of protection of the Regular size range from the top of the head to the shoulders. While the Large size range from the top of the head to the elbow.


3) Can the seats be in different positions? Yes, the extra slack in the straps allow you to adjust your individual seat positions, both in track position and seat-back inclination level.


4) Is there any difficulty for rear seat passengers getting in? No, rear seat passengers can get in and out without any problem since there is enough slack to fold one, or both of the seats forward.


5) Might the windblocker chatter?  None at all, the fastening system secures the wind deflector super-tight to the vehicle.


6) Is this wind deflector hard to install?  Not at all.  Installation is done by children.

7) I'm confused between acrylic and lexan?  In comparison to glass, acrylic is 18x stronger, and lexan is 61x stronger; therefore, lexan is more than 3x stronger than acrylic.


8) Is it possible the windscreen could generate abrasions against the car?  No way.  This is caused when there is movement between two surfaces.  Since the wind deflector is held securely in place, this is no wear.


9) Could this windscreen yellow in sunlight?  This is caused by cheap material, which Windblox certainly doesn't use.


10) What is the lifetime of a wind deflector?  As long as your reasonable when you handle your windscreen, and don't drop it, then your windscreen will last longer than the vehicle it mounts to.


11) Is the tint a plastic film?  Nope, the tint is imbued into the material, so it is scratch resistance.


12) Do you think I should I get a tint?  Tint color is an aesthetic choice, so it's difficult to provide a universal answer.  That said, we're partial to the smoke tint!


13) Could the tint make night time viewing more difficult?  No, it's like looking through a pair of sunglasses.


14) Could there be a problem with nighttime glare?  This is why Windblox uses glare resistant material, to prevent glare.  Your vision is uninhibited.


15) Will the straps cause indentation to the headrests?  No. Minimal pressure is given out due to the width of the straps and the light weight design of the windscreen.

Notes: Shipping:


  • 30 day trial period; will refund product costs.  100% satisfaction or your money back.
  • We ship back for free.  For US customers, if you're less than pleased with our windscreen, then we really don't want you to keep it.  We'll pay for the shipping back to us, and return as happily as when we took your order.  For overseas customers, the original S/H charge is refunded instead.


Base Cost: The price of this windscreen is for a clear, acrylic, windscreen with nylon straps, no tint, no satchel, and no rubber edging.

Optional Additions:
  • Acrylic (+$0) or Lexan (+$15)
  • Nylon straps (+$0) or clear straps (+$10)
  • Glass edge (+$15)
  • Cloth satchel (+$20) or vinyl satchel (+$28)
  • No tint (+$0), smoke or bronze tint (+$10), or blue, red, yellow, or orange tint (+$15)
  • Cleaning cloth (+$5)



  • Payments can be processed by PayPal, Credit Cards, and Checks.
  • Additional 8.8% sales tax for Washington residents.


Thickness: This wind deflector is 1/4 thick.

  • Continental United States: $18 by UPS Ground

  • Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii: $24 by UPS Ground

  • England and Ireland: $38 by Postal Airmail.

  • Germany: $42 by Postal Airmail

  • Other European Union nations: $44 by Postal Airmail

  • Japan / Korea:  $48 by Postal Airmail

  • Australia / New Zealand: $46 by Postal Airmail 

  • Mexico:  $38 by Postal Airmail 

  • Arab Flag Middle East (Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, etc) $48 by Postal Airmail.

  • Elsewhere in the word: Email use for rates.  We've shipped to over 80 countries.


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